Stunning views and a refreshing waterfall

11. June 2019

The two main attractions of Nitmiluk NP are Kathrin Gorge and Edith Falls.

Kathrin Gorge consists of thirteen gorges with rapids and falls and they can either be explored by canoe, on a boat cruise or also parts of it by walking.

We decided for the hike as we wanted to see the gorge from the top and enjoy the marvelous sunset there. And maybe partly also because we wanted to spend the hottest hours of the day at the nice pool on our campsite.

Edith Falls are a great place for a swim. The lower pool is super refreshing and there is even a stretch of grass to relax on. After relaxing a short but steep walk can be taken to reach the upper pool. And this hike is so worth it, as the upper section is like an adventure pool. You can easily swim to and under the falls, jump from the rocks and slide over them.

Those falls were probably the most relaxing and fun falls we had ever seen. When splashing around in the upper pool we felt like kids again and when we relaxed on the warm rocks, we could observe a medium sized lizard doing the exact same.

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