Starting the Snowboard Season

2. December 2018

As a desert is full of sand, we thought we made use of it. First, we rented some quads and cruised around in the sand. We jumped over little kickers, drove up sand dunes and drove in slalom around the bushes and small trees. It was fun but the engine of the quads could have been a little bit stronger.

In the evening we grabbed our rented Snowboards and entered a sand buggy. And this buggy definitely had a stronger engine. The drive felt like a ride on a roller coaster. We drove over high sand dunes, drifted through the valleys and took turns at dune walls so steep we feared to flip to the side.

And when we arrived on the top of the dunes we put on our snowboards and took our first ride on this unusual surface. The ride felt like gliding on fresh powder snow, even though it was slower and more difficult to take turns. While Daniela and I struggled in the beginning, Roger proofed to be a natural on the corny surface. But after practicing on the first two beginner dunes we were ready for the big one. If it had been snow, we would have been afraid to start an avalanche but on sand the risk was fairly lower and therefore we glided down the dune on our boards and felt like we were back in the Swiss alps.

And to end our trip to the highest sand dunes in south America we enjoyed a beautiful view on the dunes and the oasis during sunset.  Afterwards we took our last ride in the dark while sitting on our boards.

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