Rhino attack – Part II

27. June 2018

That day we were driving for hours and didn’t see much more than the omnipresent springboks and zebras – sometimes not even those two. But after observing a huge elephant herd at the waterhole at the Halali camp we had another thrilling scene with a protective rhino mother. But this time it wasn’t us that almost got attacked but my sister and my brother-in-law.

They had spotted the rhino mother and her baby in the distance and they came closer and closer to the street. And when they crossed the street in front of their car the same thing happened to them that had happened to us in Hluhluwe NP. The baby rhino was interested in their car and went straight to it. The mother who had already passed the street saw that and wasn’t too happy about it. She went back to the street and was positioning herself right in front of their car. Watching them from behind the rhinos, this time we had a comfortable position. But we really couldn’t believe they didn’t listen to our story and headed back a little. As it turned out my sister was so nervous, she couldn’t find the reverse gear anymore and therefore couldn’t back up.

Luckily turning on the engine and the lights was enough to scare the two rhinos away.

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