Racing with airboats and cruising to Key West

29. July 2018

After riding to the Everglades we boarded an airboat. And after a little warm up cruise and some alligator sightings our captain put down his foot. Even through the earmuffs we could hear the immense sound of the propeller when he accelerated his airboat and started speeding through the mangrove forest, sliding around the edges and taking 360ies – it was an awesome rollercoaster ride.

We also visited the sanctuary that left us with a bit a mixed feeling. On one hand they were taking care of injured animals but on the other hand they were holding a lion, a tiger, a puma and a Siberian tiger in some way too small cages. And holding a small alligator feels nice but also degrades that beautiful animal to a toy. But anyway we were told that the small alligator loved to be petted and as we petted his little head it really looked like he enjoyed, that made us feel a little better.

After some more alligator spotting along the road we let the beasts run again over the Seven Mile Bridge that connect the keys all the way to Key West where the road finally ends, or begins, depending on your point of view.

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