Punished with Torture

14. January 2019

The great thing about Valparaiso is that it combines art and wine. And the art is mostly out in the streets, on the walls of the houses. During the military dictatorship graffiti was punished with torture and therefore this form of art developed as a form of protest and a sign of freedom. Today Valparaiso is the only place in Chile where Graffiti is legal and those pieces of art are everywhere.

What makes this city unique is also the fact that it used be, according to our guide, the most important port in Latin America until a big earthquake including a tsunami hit the city. And because of the wealth this harbor brought to the city there are still many beautiful houses and the already mentioned artists. It is also a very steep city. So steep that they installed funiculars to get from the flat area around the harbor to the higher areas. Those funiculars are super old but also super fun to ride.

But besides riding funiculars you can also access many great vineyards in the surrounding of the city. There is Casa del Bosque which has one of the best restaurants we’ve been to. The food, the wine and the service are simply outstanding. Another highlight is Indomita. It is a white castle like building high up above a gigantic vineyard. And a third one to mention is Emila. The service wasn’t really good and the wine nothing that stayed in our minds, but they had Alpacas and it is difficult to compete against that.

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