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Breathtaking moments with a lioness and her three cubs

Sometimes you don’t need to see a lot to see a lot. While we started the day early, we didn’t see much in the morning. Two waterbuffalos crossing the street, a pumba on his knees eating and some impalas jumping around in the background. But on our first stop we checked out the map with […]

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A hippo fighting three crocodiles and an animal from another world

While writing this blog suddenly a group of Pumbas followed by a group of monkeys passed by my little desk. Obviously not all animals are kept outside the camp. The monkeys I knew how to handle as this hasn’t been my first close encounter. Just hide all food and shiny things and basically anything valuable […]

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Cuddly toy comes to life

Thanks to the warmer weather we spent an excellent night on the second camp site. Even though a lion was roaring throughout the night and a hyena checking out the fence. After breakfast we took off again and immediately saw a group of blue wild beasts (Gnus), lots and lots of impalas and finally a […]

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Unreal first day at Kruger NP

After a freezing night in our camper we got up early to head towards the famous Kruger National Park. As we are travelling with our Mavic Pro and had read a lot of reports from other travelers who had to deposit their drone at the gate, we changed our travel route and entered at the […]

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Blyde River Canyon and a freezing camping night

Our first stop the next day was the Lone Creek Waterfall. Clearly a beautiful waterfall and had the weather been a little bit warmer, we had considered taking a shower there. But what we experienced afterwards was of at least the same beauty as this wonder of nature. At the picnic area there were dozens […]

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Arrival in Joburg, South Africa

After a short stopover at Dubai International Airport and one of the most expensive beers ever, we arrived in Joburg, the largest city of South Africa. Immigration went smooth and the guy from the camper rental arrived so quick, he must have taken off before we had landed. Receiving the camper was a story of […]

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Good-bye our lovely Friends

Saying good-bye to your friends and family is rarely fun, even if the reason definitely is. But instead of shedding tears of grief we decided

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Our start on a long way …

… happens in May 2018! We are happy to welcome you on our blog! See u soon 🙂 > Explore our Travel Plan

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We start our long way in

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