Mayan Architecture on Magic Mushrooms

16. August 2018

The next day we explored the beautiful Mayan ruins of Palenque. After Coba we hadn’t been climbing up any ruins for a while and we had almost forgotten how exhausting it is. But it was absolutely worth the effort as the view was simply beautiful. It is said that the architects of Palenque were stoned on magic mushrooms when they designed the pyramids but after hearing that the Swiss owner of the Mystery Park, Erich von Däniken, was convinced to recognize a spaceship in one of the stone engravings there, we weren’t so sure anymore who was the one on mushrooms.

We also visited a recreation center for Ara’s and other wild animals. It felt so great to be back with the animals even though it wasn’t real free wildlife. But when walking in a huge bird cage, one of the smaller colored ones focused me and took an exact landing on my shoulder. That was for sure the funniest and sweetest surprise of the day.

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