Island of the Whales

11. March 2019

On Maui we tried to continue our Campervan/hotel mix but almost failed. Before our second night at the Waianapanapa State park we were informed by the park ranger that our car is not considered a camper van but a camper car and because car camping is illegal on Maui we are not allowed to sleep in our car. But as we had checked in a day before they let us stay. To be honest during the check the night before we haven’t been around 😉

Sleeping in our car at the Hosmer Grove campsite wasn’t an issue, but the weather was. As this campsite is on more than 3’000m it gets quite chilly there at night. It was actually so cold, that we put on trainer pants, socks, a T-shirt, jumper and a down jacket incl. hood and were still freezing. But we survived and are proudly presenting you the highlights of this honeymoon destination.

Go whale watching

From December to April there is whale season. The humpback whales are travelling all the way from the Antarctic to Hawaii to mate, give birth and nurse their babies. They do so because the water is warmer, shallower and there are less predators around. One of the best places to see them from the shore is Papawai Point. But to take a closer look you better book a whale watching tour. We booked a combined snorkel and whale watching tour but think it would have been better to do only the whale watching and invest the entire time into those gentle giants.

Drive the road to Hana

This road is considered one of the most beautiful roads in the world and probably everyone who has driven it, would agree. You get the chance to drive at the coastline within a beautiful rainforest. Every couple of meters there is another waterfall to watch or another spectacular piece of coastline to stare at. Tipp: Make sure to stop at the Ka Haku Smoke Shack as their Hawaiian bbq platter is absolutely fantastic.

Watch the sunset or sunrise at the Red Hill Haleakala

It is the highest mountain on Maui and of course it is a volcano. The road up there is a bit less steep and tricky than the one leading up to Mauna Kea on Big Island but the view is of the same intensity. Because of my poor research we didn’t had a permit for the sunrise but luckily for sunset there isn’t one necessary. In case you are lucky enough to be above the clouds, the view over the cloud sea is spectacular but also a bit freezing.

Dive or snorkel Molokini

Molokini is the moon shaped remaining part of a volcano crater and as it offers protection from the current a preferred place by many marine lives. We went diving there and during the entire dive at the wall we could hear the whales sing. It was a unique experience. Besides we saw many colorful fishes, some nudibranchs and a pretty big and active day octopus.

Go beach hopping at the west coast

There are too many beaches to name them all and the best way to see them is by beach hopping. But plan more than one day to do that, so you can get hooked by your favorite and still explore the other ones on another day.

Stroll in the streets of Lahaina

Lahaina is a beautiful little town, that managed to keep its attraction despite being full of tourists. There are art galleries and shops and of course many restaurants. A great place to drink a beer while watching the sunset is Kimo’s.

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