Highlights of Jodhpur

19. August 2019

Jodhpur is also known as the blue city. You will find the name giving blue houses mainly in the old suburbs of the city, where mostly Bramans were living. This cast is considered the highest in the Indian culture. They did so because the blue color was meant to help against the heat and insects, but we are pretty sure they also did it to show their membership ????

Visit the Mehrangarh Fort
It is impossible to miss this fort as it sits high on the steep cliffs right in the center of the city. With 600 INR the entrance is quite high but the price includes an audio guide and as long as you bring several hours you can learn more than you will remember.
Even though western tourists entered India a long time ago, for most Indians it is still special to see one. With her blond hair Daniela was the attraction in the fort. It took us more than an hour just to reach the museum part, as we had to stop so many times for selfies. We and especially Daniela felt like movie stars.

Look down on the blue houses
Before you leave the fort make your way down to the end of wall. Because from there you can enjoy the most impressive view over the blue houses. There is a small cliff that continues from the wall and left and right of it is a sea of blue houses.

Admire Jaswant Thada
This magnificent building close to the Mehrangarh Fort is neither a fort nor a temple. It is the mausoleum of the royal families of Marwa which used to rule the area around Jodhpur. It is created out of white marble so thin, that you can see the sunlight shine through from the inside.

Try to find the blue houses
After you have seen the blue houses from above, you can try to find them on the ground. We tried the area around the Chandpole gate. We found some blue houses, but not the particularly picturesque ones. Another option would have been the area around Navchowkiya, but we didn’t find the time to explore this area.

Shop at the market around the clock tower
This was our favorite part of the city. It is full of people, chaos and noise but also full of colors, tastes and life. Jodhpur is famous for its textiles, silver jewelry and spices and all of this you find plentiful at this market. Just dive in and float in a sea of impressions.

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