Haute Cuisine and Cable Cars

19. December 2018

With its 3’600m la Paz is not only a high city but high is also its cuisine. To be honest, we didn’t do much else than eat and ride cable cars in this city. But the food was so good that this was a journey of its own.

We started our food tour with the Ali Pacha. It’s a vegan restaurant and even though neither Daniela or I are vegan or vegetarian it was pure heaven. We ordered the 7-course menu and received seven little pieces of art. Lunch we had at the restaurant Berlusca where we ate some of the best Italian food outside of Italy. Great Italian restaurants seem to be everywhere in the world. It feels like half the population of Italy once spread out all over the world to open outstanding Italian restaurants.

Next stop on our culinary trip was the restaurant 1700. Entering this restaurant feels like entering a fairy tale. And the dinner was so good that we got convinced that the fairy tale was actually true. Popular was our choice for our second lunch. We arrived 30 minutes before it opened and weren’t the first ones on the reservation list. But the waiting was so worth it. We received perfect little creations that were like a poem to our eyes and our sense of taste. We finished our food tour with a dinner at the Higher Ground Café. The beef filet with mushrooms was great but so big that we could barely eat half of it.

And besides exploring the cuisine of this city we also explored it from the air. We spent an entire day flying all over the city with cable cars. With some we were flying over the buildings and with some even in between the houses.

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