Good-bye our lovely Friends

6. May 2018

Saying good-bye to your friends and family is rarely fun, even if the reason definitely is. But instead of shedding tears of grief we decided to throw the biggest party we ever had.

Almost fifty close friends and family members including a Pomeranian dog, a baby and the coolest 2-year old you can imagine showed up on our roof top on this beautiful Saturday evening and celebrated with us as if there was no tomorrow.

We had a DJ, who delivered a fantastic set of electronic music and made the people dance while a scenic sunset over Zurich went down. And while others danced, our 2-year old guest had a constant fight about his food with the little Pomeranian dog. Even though the dog was smaller than him, he once even throwed him over which probably enhanced his fear of him.

Besides the DJ, the dog and the toddler, we had a huge BBQ and all the alcohol we had accumulated over the past six years and needed to empty that night and we almost succeeded. Besides eating, dancing and getting rid of all the booze, a lot of interesting conversations evolved. Including a discussion between our female blogger friend and our good friend, a male gynecologist, about his accused pussy obsession – it was a blast.

Thank you all so much for joining our good-bye party! It was an amazing evening with so much fun! We want to thank you for the last years, lots of good moments and so many wonderful wishes for our long way!

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