Getting stuck in deep sand – twice!

30. June 2018

The next day we went on our first self-drive safari in Botswana and it was probably also our last one. Not because the safari wouldn’t have been good. It was actually excellent. We saw our first wild dogs, lots of elephants, giraffes, impalas, pumbas, lilac breasted rollers, hippos, water buffalos and much more. But because of the fact that we got stuck in deep sand twice.

The first time was my mistake because I wanted to overtake a safari car and therefore tried to change lanes. Luckily another safari car could pull us out of the sand. But the second time was when we were on our way back to the main road and only about 1km before we had reached it we got stuck again. This time there were no other cars around and we tried to free ourself but it was pointless. So, the only thing we could do, was to wait. And luckily after a while an army truck showed up and pulled us out. It was an interesting experience to shuffle sand while lions could be around but we are sure now, that for the next game drive in Botswana we book a tour.

In the late afternoon we went on a boat cruise on the Chobe river and saw for the first time water buffalos and elephants feeding in the water. Apart from those two giants we also saw hippos and crocs, king fisher and storks – it was beautiful.

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  1. Comment by Becky

    Becky Reply 30. July 2018 at 10:30

    Ich lese alle blogs und erfreu mich an euren Abenteuern. Ich hätte gern mehr persönliche Momente von euch dabei. Warum nicht das im Sand steckende Auto und das herausziehen filmen.

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