From Maya ruins and pink Flamingos

22. August 2018

After all this outstanding food it was time for some exercises again and therefore we visited Uxmal. Uxmal is the best preserved of all Mayan sites and it is still not clear why the Mayans built a city there, as this area faces quite a high risk for draughts. There is also a temple dedicated to the turtles as the Mayans believed that the turtles suffer as much as them when there is no rain and will therefore pray with them to the rain god Chac.

After spending the night in a tiny, but stylish, little hotel in a place somewhere in between Celestún and Mérida we took off to find the flamingos of Celestún. It was the first time we saw a beach in Mexico that was not covered with stinky seaweed and this beach was absolutely beautiful. White fine sand and this perfect turquoise water that we had dreamed of when we came to Mexico. We couldn’t resist and took our first swim in the Gulf of Mexico.

But besides the perfect beach, there is this one extra that makes Celestún outstanding – its flamingos. At the beach we booked a boat tour through the mangrove forest and after about a 30min drive we saw those pink stork-like birds standing in the knee-deep water. There were more than a hundred flamingos eating and sometimes fighting and not realizing what beauty queens they are. We couldn’t stop starring at them and even when we were already back on our sunbeds we still starred at the image of those elegant birds in our head.

But our inner peace got soon disturbed by the wind that grew stronger and stronger and pushed more and more sand on us until we gave up and drove back to our tiny boutique hotel.

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