Flying over Oyster Farms

15. December 2019

This place is almost right at the tip of the Eyre Peninsula and it is not only home to the best rock pool in the area at Greenly Beach. It is also home to the Coffin Bay Nationalpark with the beautiful Almonta Beach.

To reach the Rock Pools at Greenly Beach we had to walk quite a bit but it was so worth it. Finally, we found this perfect pool nurtured by the sea during high tide, but separated from it during low tide.

We stayed there quite a while but made it to Coffin Bay right in time for sunset when the low standing sun shed a beautiful light over all the Oyster Farms out in the bay and we were able to catch some amazing videos while flying over it.

The next day we completely focused on the Coffin Bay Nationalpark with all its lookouts, steep cliffs and beaches. The most beautiful of them, the Almonta Beach was so welcoming, that we went for a swim the first time since Rottenest Island.

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