Flying High Over the Nazca Lines

3. December 2018

Flying isn’t everyone’s taste, especially with a small plane. But to properly see the Nazca lines there is no way around it.

A 3h bus ride and a short briefing later we were in a small 6-seater Cessna. But first we missed our take-off slot as the other three passengers were Vloggers as well and so it took a bit longer until everyone had made his videos and moderation. But at least this gave us the time to get to know each other and to prepare ourselves mentally for the upcoming adventure.

The Nazca Lines were created by the Nazca culture by scrapping off the red top soil to expose the yellow sub soil. Most scientists believe that they did so to worship their gods. And some believe that they are connected to star constellations.

I had always enjoyed flying with my father with small 2 to 4-seaters. But as he had stopped flying before I had met Daniela this was our first time together. And of course, Roger was also on board. Because of the thermic it was a bumpy flight but thanks to a strong stomach and some Itinerol we enjoyed every second of it. We flew over the Wale, Tripod, Astronaut, Monkey, Dog, Hummingbird, Spider, Condor, Tree, Alcatraz, Pelican, Parrot, Hands and at the end over the Cayman. The Cayman actually is cut in two pieces by the Pan American highway. As it seems this highway had a higher priority when it was built.

In the end we also flew over some aqueducts built by the Incas before we returned to solid ground. It had been an awesome flight and to process it all we spent the afternoon at the pool of a nice hotel in Nazca.

But after a few hours of relaxing our adventure gene kicked in again and we took off to see the Chauchilla Tombs. They are approximately 1’500 years old and therefore older than the Incas. Thanks to the dry climate the mummies including their hair, fingernails and skin are perfectly conserved. It was a super interesting but also a bit macabre experience which kept staying in our heads when we felt asleep on the night bus to Arequipa.

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