21. December 2019

The east side of the Eyre Peninsula is as beautiful as the west side. There is Port Lincoln with its fantastic sea food and the Lincoln Nationalpark with its sand dunes at the Wanna Lookout, seals at Donington Beach and a great place to swim at September Beach. Those who love street art, will feel in heaven in Tumby Bay and those who love lighthouses, there is actually a beautiful one at Point Lowly.

After we had spent a couple of relaxing days in Port Lincoln and enjoyed their marvelous sea food, we wanted to enjoy nature again. But this didn’t turn out as planned. We had spent the day enjoying the beauty of Lincoln Nationalpark and were ready to set up our campervan for the night when a ranger walked up to us. He explained to us that extremely strong and hot winds in combination with lightnings were expected for the next day and that we had to leave as this could turn the National Park into a death trap.

We thanked him for the advice and drove off to spend the night in Tumby Bay instead. The next morning we admired the murals painted on the village’s walls and the big silo and wanted to snorkel with weedy seadragons at the jetty.

But the hot wind had already picked up and so we drove off. The ranger hadn’t exaggerated, the wind was getting hotter and stronger and as Tony had no AC we had to take several stops in order to cool down. Sometimes the wind blew so much sand over the street that we could barely see it. The thermometer showed 45 degrees and the heat was so intense that we decided to take a motel for the night. And right after we had checked in a thunderstorm broke down on us and colored everything that was outside in dirt-yellow. It had been a crazy day, but after the thunderstorm the air cooled down and everything went back to normal.

The next day we visited the lighthouse at Point Lowly and saved more bobtail skinks on our way back.

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