Cruising Miami Beach with two Camaro Cabrios

24. July 2018

After a short flight we were landing in Miami and continued to Miami Beach from there. But first we had to pick up our new rides. There they were, brand new, in black and yellow giving us their aggressive look. 340 horse powers and a turbo that never seemed to stop pushing those monsters faster and faster. And after only a few rounds of Tetris we had also figured out how to get three people’s luggage into each car and still be able to open the roof in order to ride to our hotel in style.

At the Fogo de Chão we got served with all those excellent pieces of meat and when walking at the Ocean Dr afterwards we realized again what made Miami Beach unique. Warm weather, huge cocktails and those extroverted, slightly embarassing Americans celebrating themselves.

The next day we spent almost entirely at the beach enjoying the hot sun for the first time on our world trip. We could barely get enough of this warm feeling flowing through our entire body and apart from running at the beach in the morning and a quick Freeletics session before dinner we also didn’t do anything else while the sun was still up. When the sun finally left for the day we took off to explore more of Miami Beach before going for dinner at the highly recommended Española Way.

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