Crossing Australia – Our way to the warm north

6. June 2019

Our highlight on the way up were the Devil’s Marbles. As their name indicates, they look like someone had played with giant marbles and then didn’t tidy up his playground afterwards. They are fun to stroll around but be aware of the flies, because they are terrible.

But before we got there we had to deal with the freezing cold. The Uluru and Kata Tjuta NP was stunningly beautiful but as it is in the desert the nights were also super cold. And as the powered campsites had been booked out way in advance, we couldn’t use our heater and had to cover ourselves in several blankets to stay warm.

Because of those cold nights and the flies we decided against the King’s Canyon and drove directly to Alice Springs. But our hopes to warm up did not get fulfilled there. Because of a big desert race all campsites were booked out. With some luck and money we managed to get a powered campsite, which we desperately needed. Because as soon as the sun went down it got so cold, that we had our dinner while sitting in Tony’s front seats. The night we spent with our heater on full power and when we discovered ice on our camping table the next morning, we decided to have also our breakfast while sitting in Tony.

After the Devil’s Marbles we continued our trip to Tennant Creek where we spent the first voluntary night without our heater before we drove further to Mataranka where it was finally warm again.

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