Coffee and Halloween

31. October 2018

The next day started with a misunderstanding. We had booked a tour with one of the coffee farms for 9 o’clock and assumed that this would be the pick-up time at the Finca. But when we finished our work-out at 8.15, Sonia told us that we were meant to be at the Ocaso coffee farm at 9 o’clock. And as the coffee farm was more than 1h away this was the fastest shower, packing and breakfast session of our trip.

Sonia did everything she could to delay the start of the tour. And when we arrived about 45 minutes late, another guide gave us a quick sum up of what we had missed. In order to further improve our Spanish, we had booked a tour in that language. And so we learned a lot of new Spanish words and how the coffee plants were harvested. That not only the red ones but also the yellow ones were mature. That the banana, plantain, avocado trees and other plants in between the coffee bushes provided fruits for the workers and a natural fertilizer for the coffee plants. And how the freshly picked fruits were processed into delicious Colombian coffee. We also learned how to brew and degust that coffee.

The afternoon we spent in the lovely village of Filandia, which was occupied by monsters, superheroes and fairy tale figures that day as it was Halloween. We walked around the city, climbed up to the mirador to gaze at the view over those marvelous green hills for a last time and enjoyed an outstanding dinner at “Helena Adentro”.

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