City of the wealthy hippies

30. July 2018

Key West is magnificent. Even tough very touristy it manages to keep up a charm that makes it unique. It feels like it is full of people who had enough of the hard live and decided to life a sweet one. And then there are those who pass by to visit those living the sweet life.

There are countless places to go for dinner like Two friends at Patio or Martin’s and bar after bar in Duval Street like Willie T’s and Sloppy Joe’s where people completely loose themselves. And then there is this one place that claims to provide you with delights that are Better Than Sex.

And in case you are more a day person you can stroll through the village, relax at the beach and enjoy the sunset on the Sunset Pier or reach the southern most point of the US. There are also countless tours you can take to go snorkeling, diving, kayaking and of course relaxing on a sandbank in turquoise water that feels like a bathtub.

But unfortunately, when we were this time on one of those tours the waves were too big and therefore we had to go to a less pleasant snorkel spot and skip the sandbank and the sunset but the fact that the crew provided us with unlimited beers and wine eased the pain a bit.

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