Christmas at the Pool

25. December 2018

After the cold last days in Peru and la Paz and in expectation of cold days in Sucre, Potosi and Salar de Uyuni we needed a place to warm up. And therefore, we took a flight to Santa Cruz where we stayed over Christmas in the nicest Airbnb we ever have. It was a condominium with a rooftop pool and grill, a gym, a sauna and two cinemas. Except for the sauna we made use of all of it extensively. It felt great to have a home again for six nights. To cook our own food, to work on our project, to do sports and to relax in the sun.

And on the 24th my brother Seimen and his girlfriend Eva arrived at our apartment. I haven’t seen my brother for seven months and I therefore had to be careful not to brake his bones when I hugged him. Unfortunately their luggage wasn’t with them as Alitalia managed to send it to Madrid instead of Santa Cruz.

We spent a fantastic Christmas evening on the terrace with a nice bbq and a lot of wine. At the other grill was a Bolivian/Paraguayan family and after a while our two groups merged. We enjoyed a perfect cultural inversion and they literally made it hard for us to leave.

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