Chilling and tubing in Palomino

17. October 2018

Our days in Palomino were super relaxed. We enjoyed the nice weather, the pool and the sea. At least until 4 o’clock in the afternoon as mostly at that time the sun disappeared and a thunderstorm went down so intense we feared the world might end. But it didn’t and so we could continue our daily mission to find the best pizza in town.

But we were also looking for some action and therefore we teamed up with an Irish couple and booked a river tubing tour. After receiving our life vests and our rubber rings we jumped on the back of a motorbike and drove into the forest. When the street ended we continued by foot for another 20 minutes through a magnificent rain forest until we reached the river. On this way we also passed a group of Indians in their traditional dresses and their long black hairs.

In the beginning we were a bit surprised on how cold the water was, but then we learned from our guide that it came directly from the snow-covered Sierra Nevada. The tubing was super nice as the river had the exact right speed and the jungle and mountain surrounding was breathtaking. We also spotted some lizards, herons and even a kingfisher while floating by. After a good hour and a half our river reached the sea where we left the water as otherwise our rubber rings would have brought us back to the Tayrona NP.

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