Elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Chiang Mai

9. July 2019

There are basically two kind of elephant parks in Thailand. Those where you can ride on the elephants and they force them to do tricks for the tourists. And then there are sanctuaries where they rescue elephants from miserable working conditions and let them behave in their natural way.

We’ve been to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Camp and absolutely loved it there. With 55pp it was one of our more expensive tours but as the money is used for the elephants and to support the local community, we gladly spent it.

At the sanctuary we were first dressed in traditional Karen cloths before we went to feed the elephants with bananas and water melons. This was already a lot of fun, but then we took them to the mud pool and provided them with a mud massage. And after that we washed them clean in a little pool. It was an absolute incredible experience. And to top it all they also had the most playful baby elephant you can imagine.

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