Champagne and Margaritas for breakfast?

30. August 2018

We were a bit sad when we left our little island paradise after five nights but also eager to see two more places in Mexico. First there was a two-night, one day stay in Cancún. An accommodation at the beach of Cancún would have busted our world-trip budget but in order to enjoy that place nevertheless we used a little trick.

We checked into a private in a cool, but cheap hostel in the city and took a cab the next morning to the luxury Live Aqua Resort right at the beach where we asked at the restaurant Siete for the breakfast. And luckily our research was correct and we could have breakfast as non-guests for only 22 USD a person.

And this wasn’t just a breakfast. It literally had everything. From a friendly guy preparing smoothies according to your wishes, to fish, meat, cheese, all sorts of pastries, fruit juices, egg dishes, etc. It would have been impossible to name or taste it all but we spent 3.5 hours of having breakfast and ended it with Champagne and Margaritas.

Full as we were we rolled down to the hotel beach where we enjoyed a few hours before we returned to our hostel not interested in any other food that day.

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