A colorful pirate city

18. August 2018

We have never seen a city as colorful as Campeche. In Cape Town there was one street with houses painted in bright colors but here it was the entire old town. But there was the rain – and it was coming back every single evening.

But there was one thing that made us forget about all the rain. We had thought that Palenque was already the Olympus of Mexican food but Campeche pushed the limit even further. We enjoyed three fantastic breakfasts at Luan and had two out of our three dinners at La Maria Cocina and in the end regretted that we were not having all our dinners there. The chef of this place, who we met after our second dinner, had created some delicacies based on local Campeche food that would have competed easily with any high-class restaurant in Switzerland but at a price where only McDonalds would have been able to keep up.

On Sunday evening we were keen to meet some locals and party a bit! At first sight the bar didn’t look like much, but our waiter was such a funny and vivid guy who showed us the back, there was a stage where some locals were enjoying beers and karaoke and we immediately joined in. We had one of the best nights of our trip and even though none of them spoke English and our Spanish is still poor we laughed and drank and danced and sang with the locals as if there would have been no tomorrow.

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