A city surrounded by water

16. September 2018

Isla de Flores is so tiny and picturesque it almost seems unreal. There is only space for maybe a hundred houses and you can cross the entire island by walking in about 10 minutes. Similar to the old town of Campeche all its houses are painted in a bright colors and their doors are  artistically designed.

There is a constant stream of boats crossing over the lake to the other towns some transporting people and some cars. And there are swallows, so many that when you walk through the streets in the evening they sometimes cover every space available on the grid lines.

The food in this city gem is delicious as in most of the places in Guatemala but if you want the ultimate dining experience then you have to attend the little night market on the middle of the bridge. There the locals gather up to enjoy some delicious tortadas, burritos, tacos, guacamole, cakes, fruit juices and some things we didn’t knew the names but tasted anyway.

The food was almost unrealistically cheap and while we sat on the elevated boardwalk and enjoyed those delicacies we listened to a family band performing traditional songs. What an experience!

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