2 Years Away from Home

17. February 2019

When we left in May 2018 for our 2-year world trip, we were certain not to return to Switzerland before the end of the trip. But after 9 months of traveling we simply missed our friends and families so much, that we decided to do a 2-week stopover in Switzerland.

It was one of the best decisions of our entire world trip. When we arrived at the airport in Zurich, Daniela’s entire family was waiting for us. They had all taken the day off to welcome us and many tears of joy were flowing when we finally hugged every single one of them.

The first two nights we stayed with Daniela’s mother in Sevelen before we met with my family in Schupfart. Also this reunion was very emotional and there was a special guest attending. A new member of my family that hadn’t been there when we left – my newborn niece. For us seeing this little world wonder for the first time was simply wonderful.

We spent the entire two weeks meeting friends and family members but we also enjoyed the Swiss winter. We went snowboarding in our favorite winter sport resort Davos and mastered the longest sledge run of Switzerland in Fideriser Heuberge. We went for a walk in perfect winter wonderland in Malbun and strolled through the streets of our two favorite Swiss cities Basel, where we met and Zurich, where we lived.

And we enjoyed the Swiss food. During our 9 months of travelling we missed especially the Swiss cheese. And therefore we enjoyed so much Cheese Fondue and Raclette in those two weeks as we normally eat during an entire winter.

It was wonderful to see our families and so many of our friends and when we left for Hawaii we had already agreed on a new date for a visit.

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