The only non-stoners at Mardigrass

4. May 2019

When you are in Byron Bay a visit to Nimbin is a must. This place is unique. It is the paradise for every hippie as for some strange reasons the police does not care about drug dealing and consumption. At the main street there are many small stores with all sorts of funny and weird things to buy and the people you meet there are not much different.

When we arrived on our campsite we first thought that we had taken a wrong turn as it looked as if we had arrived at a festival. And that was actually true. Without knowing we had picked the weekend of the Mardigrass festival for our visit. We first weren’t sure if we would fit in, as we don’t smoke weed, but the moment we had set up our camper our new neighbors welcomed us. They were a group of stand-up comedians and they invited us to see their show in the evening. The show was that good, that we decided to stay an extra day and also watch their second show. They were for sure the highlight of the festival, but there was also drumming and fire shows, a parade and all sorts of funny people. One of them even passed out on the comedy stage and was immediately integrated into the program.

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