The coolest surf town

2. May 2019

Byron Bay is pure surfing. Everyone in this little beach town seems to surf and probably is. Therefore it is a great place to go surfing but also partying. Cheeky Monkey’s, Woody’s Surf Shack and the Railway Friendly Bar are just a few to mention. In addition, there are some cool shops, cafes and sometimes even life music at the beach. And if you are into walking there is a nice circular walk to the lighthouse to be done.

We did the walk and we tried to party. But that wasn’t easy as on the first night, a Wednesday, there was not much happening in all of those bars. But on Thursday night it got better. The Railway Friendly Bar had life music and at the Cheeky Monkey’s a Wet-T-Shirt Contest was on. It was fun to watch but we came to realize that we were just a bit too old for the crowd at the Cheeky Monkey’s.

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