Wildlife Paradise on Straddie

28. April 2019

This sand island is kind of an insider as it is not as famous as its big brother Fraser Island. It is easy to reach by ferry and moving around on the island by bus is super convenient. It is an animal paradise and offers some great coastal walks. There are Koalas in the trees and in season lots of whales to spot from the coast. In the evening dolphins greet you at the pier and thousands of lorikeets swirl around.

As we went there on a Sunday, we had problems finding a parking spot at the harbor and therefore almost missed the ferry. Literally last second, we jumped on and drove off to the second largest sand island in the world. And right when we arrived, we were greeted by a koala up in the tree. Later that day we also spotted a dolphin in the water and were cried good-bye by thousands of lorikeets.

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