Fluffy animals and a Barbie car

7. April 2019

Magnetic island is easily reachable by ferry from Townsville and an absolute unique place to visit. About half of the island is part of a national park and full of wildlife including Koalas, Agile Wallabies and Rock Wallabies. The best way to explore the island is by rental car but there is also a bus operating in between the main spots.

Our day on Magnetic Island was an absolute highlight. Not only did we manage to rent one of those funny pink Barbie cabriolets, we also got close to wild Koalas, Agile Wallabies and Rock Wallabies.

After receiving our Barbie Cabriolet we made our way to the Forts walk where we hoped to see Koalas. And not long after we had started the trail the first fluffy fur ball was visible in a tree. It was so amazing to see this super cute animal in his natural habitat. It was the first wild Koala Daniela had ever seen in her life and she immediately declared them her favorite animal. Later on the walk to the fort we saw four more of those cuties and couldn’t stop taking pictures of them.

In Horseshoe Bay we visited the Koala village sanctuary where they take care of insured and sick Koalas and there Daniela had the chance to hold one of them – her love was sealed. And on our way back my favorite Australian animal showed up. We first thought it was a Kangaroo but then we realized that it was actually an Agile Wallaby. And when we followed it, it led us to an entire group of those elegant and beautiful creatures.

And later that day close to Arcadia we were able to spot the third highlight of that trip – a Rock Wallaby. They are so small and adorable and when one of them was eating a carrot while holding it with its tiny little hands our hearts were melting.

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