Falling in love with Tony

1. April 2019

Cairns is considered the gateway to the great barrier reef and is also one of the access points to the Daintree Rainforest and to many waterfalls in the area. As it is situated right at the sea it offers some great seafood restaurants, like the Prawn Star, where you enjoy your prawns while sitting on a ship in the harbor. As it is also a magnet for many backpackers it offers some good party opportunities like the Woolshed.

For us it was the place where we met our new love Tony. As we had only one week to find the right camper van and make it ready for the big trip, we had already contacted several private sellers. On our first two days in cairns we test drove five different campers and even tough having no idea about cars, became kind of expert buyers. But we could have stopped after the second appointment, as we had already found our dream camper Tony. We gave him this cute name because with his blue and white color he reminded us of the Tony yogurt from our childhood.

We bought him from two British girls who had been driving all the way up from Melbourne and immediately started redecorating and reequipping him. We were on such a tight time schedule as my parents were arriving soon to travel with us all the way to Brisbane during the next two and a half weeks.

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