Breakfast with Wallabies

11. April 2019

At Cape Hillsborough you can literally do that. They are everywhere on the campsite and there is also a lazy kangaroo hanging around. At sunrise they all gather at the beach because then one of the rangers is providing them with a supplement they are craving for.

Even before we arrived on the campsite the first wallaby greeted us. And after we had set up our campers, we saw our first kangaroo since our arrival in Australia. It seemed quite used to humans, but still a wild kangaroo. Later several kookaburras joined us on our campsite and made us laugh with their funny sound.

The next morning we got up super early to be at the beach at sunrise. The first wallabies were already waiting when we arrived and when the ranger came, they were all there. Some females carried their joeys in their pouch and some males were fighting with each other in their typical boxing position. But to us they all looked adorable and we were wondering if we could keep one as a pet.

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