Climb the Lion Rock in Sigiriya

7. October 2019

It is probably The site in Sri Lanka and considered the 8th world wonder. It is a monastery built on top of a 200m high magma plug of a long-eroded volcano. It takes 30 USD, 1’200 steps and a bit of fitness to reach the top and is absolutely worth it. Before it became a monastery, it was actually the summer residence of a king. And because of this king there is also a dancefloor, a pool and paintings of topless girls on one of the walls.

When we climbed the rock at 9am it was already pretty hot. But thanks to the fact that the majority of the way up is in the shade of the rock we were able to stand the heat. While taking the 1’200 stone and metal steps we passed the above-mentioned frescos of the topless women, the mirror wall and the name giving big lion statue. Unfortunately, only the feet remained. On the top we explored the remains of the monastery and enjoyed a marvelous view over the landscape. It felt as if we could see entire Sri Lanka from up there.

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